Automated Paralegal Tasks

Pipeline™ Paralegal can handle all your routine paralegal tasks

  • Fits seamlessly into your existing docketing process – U.S. docketing requires NO modification of any of your existing processes
  • Automated services include response shell generation and post allowance file verification tasks
  • Start your digital transformation and move your organization toward the future at a pace that is comfortable for you 
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File Checks

We can automatically perform routine file/docket reviews at milestones like receipt of notice of allowance, such as checks for document consistency or missing requirements.  These checks include cross-checking inventors named on application with declarations and assignment documentation. 

Custom Tasks

If you have your own ideas for process automation, we can probably put it together for you and deploy it in your prosecution workflow.  We can cross-check information in your IP management system and your PAIR data.

Response Shells

Assisted with our automation tools we can generate response shells for all non-final and final rejections received by a customer from their USPTO correspondence portal.  Shells are generated systematically for all rejections at low-cost to customers, freeing up paralegal and/or attorney time to focus on higher value activities. 

Include Separate Clean Pending Claim Set

BHAI generates response shells for all non-final and final rejections received by a customer from their USPTO correspondence portal. These shells are placed in a customer’s Pipeline® portal within five working days – expedited processing may be requested. 

A “Response Shell” is a draft response that includes

  1. Matter information, attorney information (name, address, deposit account, phone) and customer-specified boilerplate. 
  2. A copy of the claims marked up with previous amendments in a form ready for a customer to edit. 
  3. Verbatim examiner comments taken from the rejection in a form ready to use by customer. 

Service is billed monthly based on number of rejections processed which typically run about 5-8 per month per 100 files pending. This service is not available ala carte but can be ordered for only certain PTO Customer Numbers. 

Setting up Pipeline™ Paralegal is easy! All we need is:

  1. Access to the customer’s private PAIR account. 
  2. Any desired customizations to boilerplate response shells. 

In Operation BHAI will monitor this account for non-final and final rejections. The file history of the matter is referenced to generate shell responses. Shells are assembled and placed in the customer’s portal.

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