How to Search the Argentinean Patent Office Website 

How to Navigate Without Bookmarks

Let’s see what the Argentinean Patent Office website has to offer. For years, I’ve used webpage bookmarks for accessing the given patent office I want to search. However, when writing these articles, I’ve been trying to see if I can recreate how I got to the bookmarked web pages. I mention this because the Argentinean patent office website is one where you can find a search webpage easily, but it is not my bookmarked webpage.  

How to Perform an Advanced Search

If you are trying to navigate the patent office yourself, you should find the Parametros Avanzados (Advanced Search) within a few clicks. 

Where I run into problems with the Advanced search is the field Numero De Publicacion (Publication Number). You would think it would be simple to type in your publication number and click Buscar (Search).  However, the number needs to be in a particular format, ARXXXXXXKC. AR is the country code, followed by a six-digit number and a two-digit kind code (KC).  If you know the kind code or populate information in the other advanced fields, this may be a great search screen for you.

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How to Perform a Basic Search

I prefer to use the Puntual (Basic) search option.  The basic search screen displays two search fields, and I typically use the Resolucion (the Patent Number) field.  A six-digit patent number will suffice for this quick search. If the patent number is less than six digits, add a leading zero.

Getting Your Results

Once you click Buscar (Search), a pop-up box appears stating all your data is correct.  You need to select the “OK” button before their website retrieves the record.  Please note that it may take a few seconds for the results to display.  I’ve closed many a browser just as the result was displaying, so be patient!  The results page has basic information around the matter with filing year, the applicant (Titular-don’t confuse it with Title), application number, filing date, issue date, publication number, and status.  If you click Ver Mas (See More), the website navigates you to the patent profile page.

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Patent Profile Page

The patent profile information is not in a format that can be translated nicely from the browser (e.g., right-click a PC mouse in Chrome browser to translate the page to English).  This is quite disappointing as many other patent offices have a more user-friendly interface that can help with translations.  That being said, you could select text and copy/paste it into a translation tool, or based on the text shown, you could infer the field meaning.  For example, the Titulo field can be determined to be the patent matter’s Title.  Each profile has the following sections:

  • General Data
  • Summary/Abstract
  • Claims
  • Dates
  • Priority
  • Events
  • Annuities

While the examination events are sometimes challenging to understand (even after translation), you can verify the application number, filing date, title, and grant date in the General Data section.  Note that their date format is DD/MM/YY.  Even an abstract and the first claim are displayed which is more than some patent office websites provide.  The Priority section is always important for verifying family and related information.

Annuities Section

Upon scrolling further down in the patent profile, the Annuities section is impressive.  I love seeing not only the annuities that are coming due but also the annuities that were paid.  There is a great list of annuity years, date paid, grace period date, and amount paid.  Not even the US patent office puts the annuities information directly into the patent profile in PAIR (Patent Application Information Retrieval).  While I would say the patent profile detail is basic, the annuity information, however, does bolster the quality of the overall information.

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More Information

Now you have a few hidden treasures on the Argentinean patent office website! I’m sure there are more. If you know of any I didn’t mention, please let us know or post on our LinkedIn page. 

If you found this valuable, we have another post that focuses on how to search the Brazilian patent office website. Black Hills AI hopes this content becomes a continuous flow of information that the IP community can rely on and act on. We are the leaders in smarter IP data docketing.

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