Corporate IP Docketing for Large Corporate Practices

Challenges Large Corporations Face

  • Would like to automate more processes and would like an IP process and middleware consultant to help design or build.
  • Docketing needs have evolved with more acquisitions and/or divestitures and need help updating matter databases and validating data.
  • Need help with bulk assignment processes for patent acquisitions.
  • Would like to simplify and improve docketing operations and are interested in docketing automation to lower cost, speed turn-around, reduce labor, and improve accuracy. 
  • Want to use a single vendor to improve speed and efficiency of IDS processing. 
  • Need help cleaning up bibliographic data in the matter management system. 
  • Need a good proofreading resource that brings extra value. 

Black Hills AI Has Solutions to Meet Those Challenges

  • Our service team is all located in the U.S., so we are easy to work with and understand your practice.
  • Our SureDocket™ automated subscription docketing service is less expensive and far more accurate than manual docketing, plus includes automated internal reporting and built-in prosecution analytics free of charge. Our Pipeline™ cloud portal makes all docketing fully transparent.  Our SureDocket™ docketing is also done in real-time where an API is available. 
  • Our SureDocket™ can be activated and deactivated selectively (per PTO document type), and incrementally, to perform only ad much docketing as needed or desired and skip the rest automatically. 
  • We are experts in file opening and our team uses our innovative File Opening Supervisor system to assure your files are opened timely and correctly.
  • We can automatically process your incoming USPTO and foreign correspondence and run a corporate IDS program.
  • Our Amazing Grace™ IP data verification system can validate all your IP data to assure that all your client’s matters are docketed correctly, no files are missing, and renewals get paid.
  • Our proofreading technology speeds proofreading and generates certificates of correction ready to go.
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Have you looked into automated docketing?

Our Automated Docketing can handle 90% of your U.S. docketing before you wake up!